Shadows reverberate across this water

Reminding me of your tantric armor

Inspiring me

Rewiring me

Inviting me to trust you further


Leather pulsating with sex appeal

Unearthing truths to be revealed

Releasing control

Enticing my soul

Arousing passion I cannot conceal


We celebrate the power of blackness

We share love and joy as we rise and resist

Uprooting oppression

Invoking resurrection

Tantric armor and chain-mailed fists


I sense epic power rooted deep

Permeating this river while mortals sleep

Exploring attraction

Craving satisfaction

Writhing to set our sacred dreams free


You are sheathed in Athena’s steel

But vulnerable like Achilles’ heel

Craving connection

Seeking protection

Awakening to see prophecy revealed 


Your tantric armor fuels karmic fire

Unleashing fractals of cosmic desire

This is seduction

Resisting destruction

Tantric armor emerging to topple empire


Images by @jonzu on IG, @Jordanisundead on twitter




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