This is majestic

Visceral transcendance

Your spirit evolving

Invoking repentance


I feel the pull of this river

Conduit for all I write

Deep water seduces

Transmuting cosmic light


You show me this spirit world

You are a vesper of liberation

Your tattoos are sacred sigils

Testaments to imagination


Phantoms of ignorance

Consume and propagate

Systemic indoctrination

Enchains and dominates


We activate tantric synergy

Seeking erotic chemistry

Sensual fire transforms

Animating spiritual identities


We resist with all we have

Beneath the anvil of apocalypse

Your sinuous body inspires

Brining salvation to my lips


This spirit world is emergent

Unlocking vistas of connection

We build a licentious army

Crafting orgasmic insurrection


Visuals by @slavamogutin & @lennymuller



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