You stand against a tree

Your torso framed

Intricate arboreal architecture

Like excavated skeletons

Fractals manifest

In the crags of bark


You are a creature of exquisite mystery

You are a portent of pivotal history

Warrior and lover

Caliph of erotic intricacy


Your eyes fortify and galvanize

Piercing a miasma of systemic mendacity

Putrefying ideology

Propagated to perpetuate subordination


We dance to new rhythms now

Fusing erotic and insurgent energy

Imagining noble destiny

Imagining nirvana


You are Apollo seducing Daphne

You are Daphne ensconced in sacred trees

You revive ancient mythology

Conjuring percussive rhythms I believe


Your powers are pervasive and creative

Our manifestos are technicolor

Visceral, magnetic, and persuasive


Your sinuous body invites touch

Suggesting passion and intimacy


You project fractals of orgasmic fire

Intricate molecules coagulating

Emancipating prisoners of starvation

Reborn as conduits of spiritual power


You are a muse

You are sacred inspiration

This erotic intricacy is radical

Uprooting systems of oppression


Creating legions of insurgents

Fusing the sacred and the profane


Image by @sateando on IG



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