Emblazoned by color

We rise and resist

We morph and evolve

Raising chainmailed fists


We fuck with the binary

We fuck who we choose

Alchemizing lust

Nothing to lose


You inspire my spirit

You inspire my mind

We manifest prophecy

Amplifying desire


This pulse of liberation

This fire deep inside

Queering imagination

Queering our pride


From the embers of Stonewall

A queer phoenix took flight

Powered by libido

Conquering the night


I long to meet your eyes

To hear the fierce tracks you spin

To tag walls with this manifesto

Naming creative genius within


We revolutionize street art

Uprooting shame and fear

Joining a global intifada

Armed with graffiti monster queer

Inspired by @LeDicenAnfer on twitter, @_rrefnaa_ on IG



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