DO IT RIGHT–Letter to a Pop Star in Arizona: the bilingual bassline remix

gaga do it right
its a war zone fight
don’t side with hate

da-dit DO IT RIGHT
INCITE tonight
luh-luh-LOVE and RAGE
should claim your stage
kill the cylon phage
don’t play with hate

ma-ma MONSTA teeth
need MONSTA claws
ma-ma-MONSTA army going strong
pound your feet in stilleto heels
bash the bigots with GAGA steel

sin justicia no hay paz
sin la musica
BIGOTS can’t dance
be a dit-dit DIVA
or a righteous boss
don’t forget to floss
don’t forget your base
(ba-ba- BASS not hate)

smash the border-free the people
una fuerza de justicia esta creciendo
de raices profondas y poderosas
la lucha de amor esta surgiendo

like the BOSS don’t floss
don’t hide your claws
ta-ta-TAKE-take CHARGE
be a righteous STAR
be a rebel with a cause
funk the bigots ball

do it right
liberate your fame
not the bit-bit-BIGOTS’
hipstress debutante
stuck iin a bad romance with racist fans

paparazi watching you
the world takes heed of what you do
los inmigrantes CAN’T-JUST-BAILLAR
cop cars bring FEAR to the bar
ice raids SCAR obama’s SHAME and name
priorities distorted
hope aborted
alejandro’s gonna be deported

its not right- not even ok
to play pop star games in a racist state
minutemen are armed with aks
hitler loving vader wannabes
possessed by toxic rage
in love with hate
bigots obsessed
with hating the hands
putting food on their plates
cleaning leaves from their drains

slam dunk-get CRUNK
no cowardly chumps
on GAGA’s monster bus
da MONSTA army
keeps it CRUNK
na-nah needs to FUNK
the bigots’ border patrol
post-modern kkk
necks red with rage
the wall of hate and apartheid
could fall the night that GAGA plays

tus canciones en arizona
podrian appoyar los fascistas
mistah-mistah don’t get it twisted
don’t be red listed be an anarchista
don’t play POP-pop games
in a racist state
(smash the state with righteous rage…)

night and day
dit-dit-DAY and night
immigrant rights can’t be left to DIE
don’t hide behind your pokerface
we need your voice on the side of light

si se puede
yes you can
duh-dit-dit do it right
take a STAND
and fight the right
funk the MAN
deface the plan
put the KLAN
and its band
back in the CAN

there’s blood on the border
alejandro might be deported
lady of love-lady of rage
MONSTA army inya ear
priorities proud and queer
not da-diss-diss-distorted

MONSTA army going hard
playing pop politics cards
and taking CHARGE
hoping gaga takes a stand
fa-fa FUNK the tea party
suh-suh-SLAM the bigots

gaga: this is a moment of truth
the world is watching what you do
so do it right
JUST DANCE in the light
justice is worth more than fame
you can’t be neutral on a moving train

immigrant roots
immigrant rights
seize the time
stuh-stuh- STAND and FIGHT

do it gaga
do it right
seize the time
smash the right

REVOLT or Live Lying
visual art by Favianna Rodriguez >> @favianna or


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