MECHATRONICS: the architecture of evolution

arming our tribe with an arsenal of pride

we craft magic spells and stimulate our manic minds

recreating a genesis of nascent crypto-crime

realigning the matrix that is recreated deep inside

ruled by a narcissistic sociopath charting a path to social death

we resist the intrusion of pathology into our creative heads

we build community as we organize: fighting so stigma comes to a final end

resisting all oppression and blessing our planet with our sacred breath

we are engineering a power to transform our world

envisioning a moment when red and black flags will unfurl

bringing the birth of artificial intelligence into a tantalizing raspberry swirl

building a dance floor so fluid that juiced-up boys metamorph into girls

mechatronics go supersonic styling our troops in cylon gear

dialectic and diabolic our red mafia lives without fear

hydroponic and deeply erotic: our hieroglyphs are branded far and near

this is a revolutionary riff crafted to stimulate your cortex and tantalize your ear

we build an army of cyborgs fueled by nitrogen rapidly fusing into more

we build a battalion of interstellar fighters highly trained in the dynamics of class war

the mechatronic paradigm transcribes a future worth fighting for

envisioning an alternative to the barbaric world that this kleptocratic regime has in store


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