sensuous and ravenous–channelling carnal lust…superstars-erotically charged–arising from cosmic dust…from cher to madonna–from gaga to rihanna…mary charges sia–whitney paid homage to chaka…express yourself don’t repress yourself–an ageless diva once crooned…just like fire belted pink–me’shell delivered a bitter love song to the moon…the rhythms and melodies change–but the subterranean yearning holds strong…for a love that burns transcendant–for peace and justice–for freedom songs…the ancients had their pantheons of polymorphic deities…in our age of decrepit bourgeois decadence we live with fragile celebrity…rebellion writhes from within our polarized and fractured polity…the force is strong in creative synergy that aids in creating a transformed reality…we must challenge the bigotry that slams a door to the refugee…that makes trans folk fear the fist of nefarious policy…we can’t vogue our way to freedom–or just dance ’til the fog clears…we can’t love S&M in private but stand silent when the right appears…our divas are our anchor–in formation-fierce and feminist…pure beauty like beyonce–clad in black with armored fists…it’s time to build some barricades–rebellions are built on hope…its time to re-imagine our future–super-fly and utterly dope


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