MEMORIA: a tribute to Brother Manning Marable

MEMORIA: a tribute to Brother Manning Marable

stop to pray
stop and stare
pain can teach
or destroy

night and day
love and rage
rule the streets
fill a void

six feet deep
a body laid
grief runs wild
children play

set love free
this sacred day
make a choice
to change your ways

friendship bleeds
love is pain
choked by weeds
an oak is slain

rise again
live to die
joy comes
to those who cry

brother manning
rest in peace
malcolm cries
your soul to sleep

spirit fired
like a phoenix
ever rising

Evolve– Or Die Trying

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3 Replies to “MEMORIA: a tribute to Brother Manning Marable”

  1. dope piece man, just started listening to the audio version his new book on Malcolm. I can already see why it took 10 years to write. It's as captivating as it is thorough. thank you for paying homage to one of our great minds.