alone with my emotions, i am wracked by malaise—i contend with my demons clothed in varied shades of grey…i summon my defenses from near and far away–i imagine a present moment where i don’t yearn for what i crave…after two years living on dopamine, i am due for a course correction—my condition imposes limits on my ability to chart a skyward direction…i seek power from love and friendship, from joy and from affection—i dream of conquering this intrusion of grey and rising above fruitless introspection…this intrusion of grey has cast a spell on my brain—it has left me wrestling with the psychic demons of guilt, shame, and blame…my task is to learn what i can from the repetitious dose of pain—my aspiration is to rise renewed, repairing the rifts in my psychosocial domain

second image is by FAVIANNA RODRIGUEZ >> @favianna



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