NO JUSTICE NO PRIDE: a new movement for liberation takes shape

on june 10th 2017 dc threw down…trans and queer activists blockaded the pride parade after months of fruitless conversation with the gay elite…this is a movement moment–stonewall was an urban rebellion against homophobia and police oppression…its time to go back to our roots…with the unmentionable president in power, we can’t afford to segregate and segment our movements… the movement for black lives rolled deep challenging incarceration, racist policing, and immigrant detention…the struggle continues…tonight i am wired and inspired–its a good place to be…manic zen is upon me and i send cosmic energy to trans and queer folk across our globe to take our liberation into our own hands…i believe that we will win–through solidarity rooted in a deep understanding of the intersectionality of oppression–and of the viscissitudes of capitalist society…on june 10th a flag was planted in the sand– where this goes from here is in our movement’s hands


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