through fires we’ve walked
through trials we’ve come
we’ve hated and loved
we’ve changed and evolved

once we were a tryad
now you are a pair
boundaries so much clearer
passions far less raw

i consider you family
human tribe redefined
one love ever changing
many spirits many gods

empowered elvin beauty
tattoed and rewired
exponentially gorgeous
erotically charged

in love with my cypher
in love with my friend
the beautiful genius
tortured mortal man

like angels we inspire
like demons we do harm
like gods we create
like pixies we charm

evolving towards freedom
reforging new bonds
self-organized mortals
nurturing higher powers

i’ve changed in your midst
i’ve failed and i’ve cried
i’ve given my all
i’ve tried far too hard

love guilt and pain
lust hope and shame
dialectically changing
redefining our fates

to the future we turn
imagining new worlds
conquering cruel masters
freedom’s banner unfurled

like comrades like family
we struggle to transform
creating new relations
evolving through such deep pain

revolution is coming
revolution is now
minds evolving towards genius
spirit rising in love

in god i have faith
in loving comrades i trust
your love i respect
your support i embrace

ever-changing evolution
transforming our minds
love is my goddess
her angels call me friend

agents of karma
messiahs redeployed
avenging crime incarnate
armed with love fuled by rage

towards justice we strive
towards trust we’ve evolved
transforming old patterns
evolving towards sacred peace