I want to write a simple poem

A simple poem about complex emotions


A poem inspired by your image

Your grace and vulnerability

Your energy and your style


I see you and my mind breathes deeply

Your dance is fierce and hypnotic

Contractions and extensions are bold and erotic


You project hope and defiance

Potent medicine as we resist apocalypse


You tantalize my desire

I crave this jolt to my imagination

This zygote of genius and liberation


We nurture our global rebellion

Harnessing the power of love and transcendence

You are a soldier on this mission

Conspiring to manifest radical and radiant vision


I write at the shore of my rivers

Reflected clouds oscillate

Moving across the water like a fog


This evokes your effortless fluidity

Your energy and mystery

Your cosmic power and destiny


I write this letter from afar

This intentionally simple poem

Knowing that we may never meet


So I share this meditation

This spiritual affirmation


I prophesize and create

Fueled by fire and intensity

Balancing hope and rage


Even death cannot stop me

You are a blessing

An angel incarnate

You are desire embodied


This poem is inspired by the image of @JhonyDancer on IG




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