Your chest is branded

Tattoos geometric

Energy concentric

Synergy electric


Your veins course with power

Imbued with noble blood

Undulating passion

Conjuring a synaptic flood


You are a sexual samurai

Shogun of the orgasmic

Our dance is ecstatic

Our chemistry tantric


We craft a sacred army

Forming phalanxes of liberation

We are animated by revelation

By the salvation of imagination


Leather amplifies your aura

Fierce piercings accentuate

Your sinuous body pulsates

Riveting eyes communicate


You inspire me sexual samurai

River god of transformation

Unleashing the tides of attraction

Flooding my mind with prophetic illumination


Erotic chemistry surges and explodes

Pleasure centers quiver and overload

Your psychotropic fire fuels my soul

These insurgent verses are all I know

Leather: @armyofmenco, Model: @yoshikawasakix, Photos: @rafandway1, all on IG



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