two halves
greater whole
love so pure
connection so bold

affection and trust
adoration and lust
angelic beauty
karmic loving crush

so tender and true
so loyal and rare
angels incarnate
genius ensnared

agents of karma
agents of love
inventing new worlds
inspiring trust

mixtec beauty
semitic blood
mayan creation
divine cleansing flood

messiahs evolve
disciples adore
friends become lovers
love opens doors

beauty in motion
divinely inspired
natural spirits
arise change and thrive

athena reborn
diana rearmed
ares retrained
dionysis queered up

prohomo magic
evolving towards truth
love reemerging
inspired and renewed

deep inside every pairing
noble blood recombines
creating new powers
arousing carnal fires

spirit evolves
souls live immortal
personalities dance
open eyes become portals

evolution is love
revolution builds within
conquering barbarism
exponentially grand

destiny rises
thriving and inspired
one love many gods
madonna armed with style

building new faith
liberating religion
love conquers hate
nurtures psychic vision

divinity evolving
angels deep inside
nurturing human love
transforming our lives

your commitment inspires
your love transcends
i love you like family
fellow rebels – karmic friends



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