This is a poem about change

The pain of change

The agony of the caterpillar

Dissolving to become a butterfly


This chrysalis of transformation

A fulcrum of microcosmic evolution


Evolving from pain

A butterfly emerges from flames

In fear of the future

But with a visceral and potent thirst 

Commanding and demanding change


Migrating to pollinate and reproduce

Crossing emotional borders

Like a raging river


We move through these psychic waves

Change the only constant

Unpredictability and instability thoroughly expected


Manic energy manifests

We try to tame this inferno


We navigate this spectrum

Sensing epic potential

But fearing catastrophe

Petrified of losing control

Terrified of overwhelming psychosis


Lost in the bliss of chaos

All too familiar

Riding this high

Our dreams extraordinarily peculiar


The highs become dysphoric

We fear this maelstrom of contradictory sensations

Seeking the serenity and grace of the butterfly

Emerging from the sacred safety of the chrysalis


Seeking an evolutionary equilibrium

A peaceful migration to vibrant shores

Imagining the culmination of prophecy

Craving a stable descent from the highs of mania

Visual art by Favianna Rodriguez: @favianna and



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