SACRED GEOMETRY: the architecture of perfection

i feel fucking perfect–animated by a precise balance between intoxication and sobriety…the sinuous sacred geometry of the immense creativity permeating this space keeps my imagination firing on all cylinders…is it emergent strategy in all its nuance and potency?  is it love and comradery and the fellowship of movement building?  i want this to be perfect synergy–not a perfect storm…let us conjure magical energy as we navigate this system’s fall…hexagons radiate across my field of vision as i meditate on the physics of infinity…chemical bonds remodulating themselves to anchor our revolution in its infancy…my boots remold the earth in the majestic field of roots, trunks, and branches near my home–its like i’ve seen it all before in some vision or prayer or premonition…i feel empowered by the supernatural confluence of fractals in this space–pregnant with power, intention, and amazing grace…sacred geometry opening a portal to earthly perfection–sacred geometry arming messiahs as we prepare for resurrection and insurrection

first image is a photograph by the MOVEMENT PIXIE

on IG @the.mvmt.pixie

second drawing is an abstraction by Telos

on IG @that.lemurian



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