Electric motion

Fierce, staccato, and percussive

Dancing bodies explore a tapestry of sound


Luscious movement

Languid and viscous

Viscerally slowing time

Telling a story—manifesting emotion


Churning like vast primordial ocean

Its surface permeated by fractals of light

From its depths rise inspiration

Explosive and turbulent

New iterations of this karmic ballet


Pirouettes of passion

Projecting joy and vitality

Glorious extensions

They attenuate

Stretching limbs to their maximum potential


We dance to celebrate life

To celebrate survival in a world of war

Our dance is defiant

Embodying thirst for transformation


Contractions of the torso convey empathy and solidarity

Expressing emotional contradiction

Longing for deep connection

Amidst fear of vulnerability and pain


We can see ourselves in this dance

Moving wildly with fluorescent abandon

Captivating and illuminating

Healing and liberating


I see powerful movement

Appearing almost effortless

Deep dope divine dance

Giving voice to blood memories


Articulating a beautiful physical language

Language of oppression and resistance

Language of hope and rage


The limbs attenuate

Fingers seeking flight

Extending in search of transcendent power

Reaching for a portal to cosmic resonance

Reaching for an indigenous spirituality

Moving to illuminate facets of subterranean yearning


This dance is transcendent

It is sacred testament

Testament to vitality and resilience

To creativity and imagination

Aspiring for emancipation of our global human tribe

Photographs are of Ramon Sanchez >> @rasagO on IG



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