natural selection–queer resurrection

immaculate conception is an age-old deception

amplify our voices–magnify the choices

if karma is a bitch then feed the bitch some morsels

sexed-up homo thugs–veins infused by cosmic drugs

hit the streets in search of love–copulate with gods above

the shitstorm clusterfuck of the cheetoh-fuhrer–warbucks

breeds an opposition starstruck–with jedi powers rising up

heed your dreams and meditate–organize and orchestrate

bomb the streets and demonstrate–flash your eyes and dilate

cerebral sex and cosmic head feed the spirit–raise the dead

symbiotic femmes in bed fill the bigots’ heads with dread

jesus resurrected makes rebel hearts connected…

nazi lies dissected–our species’ fate corrected

queer pride burns deep inside–demolishing the bigots’ lies

trans power–like a fire–summons angels–flying higher

Top photo is by @conradomuluc