I write at dawn

Under this waning full moon

Tides of emotion in these cards

Hybrid energy fills the room


I called forth this reading

Seeking connection and direction

Summoning power for this project

Inviting alchemy and inception


I explore this hybrid divination

This conversation between oracle and tarot

I let the wisdom of the cards speak

Inviting them to tell me what I know


We conjure prophetic poetry

Our creative minds become conjoined

My protege becomes my collaborator

My successor blessed and anointed


I call you gothic angel

I call you my manic oracle

Your mind a kaleidoscopic mirror

Your spirit a transcendent portal


I awaken to the interplay of elements

Interwoven currents of water and fire

The symbiosis of earth and air

Tarot cards transmute desire


The subtle energy of Aphrodite and Artemis

Chakras empowered by the high priest of Atlantis

The sinuous motion of the octopus

The transcendent triumph of the red rose phoenix


Each layer of cards offers insight

Suggesting metaphors and incisive questions

Attention moves energy

Spiritual awareness sparked by intention


We swim in waters of recovery

Navigating oceans of manic energy

Our sacred bond fortified

Empowered by cosmic neurochemistry


Our boundaries firmly clarified

Our love a fire elemental

Our spirit animals so potent

This hybrid reading so providential


I see myself in your eyes

Amplifying the best of my manic mind

These cards capture the synergy of elements

Our minds give birth to creative tantric fire

–BYPO PHOENIX c)2024 inspired by GOTHIC ANGEL


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