Four bodies

Lithe and licentious

Conjuring majesty

The decadence of aristocracy


I see you and I imagine

I long to co-create

I envision resilience

Pleasure activism reverberates


This is a nonbinary menagerie

A sacred portal to ecstasy

Sinuous muscle accentuated by lingerie

Tattoos of pagan ink and cosmic chemistry


Gender boundaries revolutionized

Tantric erotica writhing transcendent

We breathe deeply dilating time

We generate energy bold and resonant


I write by the river

Amidst a refreshingly cool summer night

I am inspired by this imagery

Dreams of liberation take flight


This is a menagerie of desire

A menagerie of the erotic

We cultivate a tableau of carnal fire

A vista of pleasure penetrating and hypnotic


Visuals by @JuanOyervides designing for @ProteoMX on IG



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