black bondage, black pain–black pride, black rage…our people have been birthed through the torturous lacerations of whips and chains…fear is our enemy so trust in the divine–sacred powers heal historic wounds and bend the flow of time…whats mine is yours and whats yours is mine–unleash the godlike serpent writhing deep within your spine…

with so much toxic weight holding our black nation back, we have grown gifted with magic and with sacred craft…we fight to live with pride in what it means to be black–we find joy amidst apocalypse willing our fractals to channel our wrath…spirituals manifest the power of music to mitigate oppression…they kept time while we tilled the fields and signaled the moment to rise for liberation…divine visions offer prescient insight into  our people’s collective direction–arming slaves to flee for freedom and rise up for emancipation…

searing tears flow conjuring deep rooted psychic pain–this synergistic energy realigns the fractals metamorphing in my brain….black family was reclaimed from the lands where we were enslaved–black faith unleashes the power of the cross on the visions that spare us from the grave…we draw on the power of noble blood as we rise and resist–we conjure sci-fi futures in which there are black cylons in our midst…subaltern powers rise with the righteous power of pyramids–harriet listened to the word of the lord and spread holy fire like an anarchist…

we root ourselves deeply into the earth fueling a fusion of sacred powers–let us listen for the voices of ancestors as they reverberate from distant stars…black joy is our anthem, our goddess, and our holy mark–black joy fuels a rooted resistance as we build a new world in our hearts

the first image is a photo by my brother Brian Kwoba; the second is a composite piece by @slavamogutin (on IG)




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