erotic minds intertwine—copulate and realign…sexy beasts—leather bound—move to the sound of the underground…butch or femme—genderqueer—rise as one and crush your fears…sing the songs of joy and pride—free the demons leashed inside…we live in cataclysmic times—can’t fuck our way to freedom—but we can certainly try…we were born to live—born to love—born to worship gods above…born to rim—born to fuck—born to shake the system up…a cyber-phallic warrior posse is rising up to confront the Nazis…following the lead of trans women of color we reclaimed pride through actions this summer…hyper-ballad on overdrive—leaves the senses ripped and wired…ready to dance—ready to writhe—ready to unleash the beast deep in your spine…one cock is a blessing but two are better—we turn boys into men and reimagine gender…the cyber-phallic phalanx you see is an anticapitalist army coming into being

second image is DIEGO BARROS >> @diegobarros