This is a firestorm

A geomagnetic conflagration

Permeating the atmosphere

Stimulating imagination


Hearts beat in unison

Heeding rhythms deep inside

Linking our psyches

Unchaining our minds


Our people soar high

We also crash low

Tendencies accentuated

By geomagnetic flow


The energy orgasmic

The alchemy dynamic

Animating astrology

Accessing the tantric


This pulse of solar power

Exaggerating extremes

Opening portals of consciousness

Realizing transcendent dreams


We are geomagnetic

Our blood fueled by stars

We are agents of karma

A new world growing in our hearts 


This is a portal of possibilities

But also an admonition

We must rise and evolve

Or face demolition


This is a geometric volcano

A chrysalis of transformation

We forge deep connection

Yearning for liberation



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