limbs and torso lithe and tight–sexed up bodies burning bright…cosmically powered karmic flight–erotically charged karmic nights…mind and body fused as one–glean from the moon the power of the sun…fight for justice–rise as one…resist the tyranny 45 has begun…cylon sluts in fly attire–build strength to fight and rise up higher…super computers map desire–firing neurons to burn like fire…we twist our bodies–dance and writhe…feeling the power of the beat tonight…breathing deep in pursuit of insight–we find nascent gods being born inside…night and day–love and rage…we build our power and own our pain…hope and change faced with toxic rage–inspire resistance to the neoliberal state…cylon sluts and agents of karma–unite to fight for an earthly nirvana…building power and taming the drama–conjuring the power of a polylingual madonna



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