I come through sand

Reverberating with karmic potential


I come for the sun

Rising from beyond the ocean


We are survivors of addiction

A ruthless affliction

Gathered to share our stories

Staying clean one day at a time


Our disease is insidious

Brutal and persistent


We are forever imperiled

Vulnerable to seductive allure

The urge to suppress challenging emotions

Or to chase elusive psychochemical highs


This sunrise is epic

Fluorescent pink

And pulsating orange

Refract and intertwine

Generating an inspiring vista


Reflecting the beauty of this sunrise meeting

Amplifying our addict potential

Our capacity for empathy and healing

For channelling our intelligence and creativity

Fueling deeply rooted solidarity

Collective transformation and liberation


We live in the moment now

Savoring the immortality of the present


Our hearts and minds in alignment

Seeking our many higher powers


Creating and sustaining community

This is the potency and potential of recovery

Visuals are by SLAVA MOGUTIN >> @slavamogutin on IG or twitter



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