we live and we love–we laugh and we cry-we seek angels from above-we evolve til we die

we dream of a future free from oppression–liberated at last  from toxic lies and obsessions

each generation meets new tasks–cyber wired nowadays

it seems impossible in this moment to anticipate our children’s fate

i write this poem thinking of my nephew eduardo–full of vivacious life and energy

i think of mi sobrina aro–a daughter of exquisite genius flying free

i think of my beloved cousin jessica–with four aspiring women in tow

i think of mi sobrina pomona–playing with abandon and with hope

climate change is coming fast–nuclear annihilation haunts our trumpified world

we have so little time to break the shackles trapping us in a neoliberal corporate mold

every child born whole of body and mind has potential beyond anything our brains can divine

every child is born a nascient genius–held back by the sociopathic logic that plagues our time

yesterday we bid farewell to my grandmother –who lived to be ninety-nine

a century from now–what seer or prophet can foresee what on earth we will find

we must dedicate our selves to peace and justice–to love and life

we must strive for systemic change–reimagined and reinspired