i am navigating ungodly hours and am hard wired by the energy i envision in our translucent night sky…ripples of light appearing like ancient hieroglyphics or cave paintings—all signs of spiritual transcendence impossible  to deny…symbols tattooed into the clouds—melding contemporary graffiti with ancient mayan and egyptian iconography…i have spent the night in the company of a dearly loved friend—and we have prowled the streets of my city fed by immense surges of dopamine in our brains…mind and body—heart and soul—we must strive for cosmic realignment and for the recreation of sacred space…the angels of my brain are showing their true colors in a blaze of glory…no longer constrained by pathologization and stigma—dopamine is unleashed into my synapses—firing the creative, political, and erotic core of my being…we meditate to seek balance—to make a modest effort to channel the immense electrical and neurochemical power in our brains…we imagine ourselves as the buddha in search of hidden truths along his road to nirvana..we think of jesus and muhammad—both prophets and rebels against the establishment…we must feed our psychospiritual fires and examine the energy we take in and give out…we must let dopamine rise transcendent in our  minds and let her angelic currents of energy inspire our rising legion of rebel fighters, radical artists, and spiritual healers…this poem is a call to arms and a prayer for karmic resurrection…dopamine transcendent fuels the energy in our center—branding rebels of all genders with a strength both sacred and incandescent