the light of distant stars refracts through our atmosphere crafting a tapestry ripe for exploration by our evolving imagination…clouds morph and transform–becoming new things and then disintegrating as quickly as they first cohered…we remember our stories and our pasts but so often lose the moments…if i could only film all that my eyes see i could convey to anyone i can reach the immense power that often coexists with mental health struggles…i try to remember my nights–floridly manic or otherwise–i tap them for insight and inspiration… candles burning to mirror the light of the heavens–focusing the diffuse energy that so often floods my mind…i transcribe my  nights–erotic or otherwise–remembering lovers and moments that transcend the transactional…tonight i saw hieroglyphs from an unknown toungue–faces of those i’ve pined for–at one point even the periodic table…i know sleep is crucial to stability–but sometimes pills fail to kick in–and i am intoxicated by the vistas the stars and moon descend to occupy…there are angels above and angels among us–but perhaps the most important angels are the chemical ones flying about at speeds faster than light in our brains…dopamine, seratonin, norepinephrine, GABA–together creating a symphony utterly head over heels for the cosmic and karmic drama of the night sky…with this poem completed, i will again try to sleep…resting certain that i have shared a piece of myself to the cybersphere…the night is for lovers–the night is for dreamers–we must hold to our truths or nobody will see us

first image is by FAVIANNA RODRIGUEZ >> @favianna or