striving to live in the moment but craving so much more…neurons firing in a torrent –craving gaga’s lucious cure…time is so relative–so subject to perceptive change…we relive our pasts incessently until we learn to carve our own way…sex-charged and politically radical–the most potent combination…my pansexuality leaves me a man-whore–seeking seduction in every shared libation…we are living through a cosmic crossroads–facing social death or karmic rebirth…we resist for the generations to come–for children of the future with souls rooted deep in the earth…the eternal instant is an ancient obession–one craved by countless drugged out minds…that moment you can relive forever–never wrong–but always right…manic zen is my ethos–its proliferation is my calling…i’ll lie in meditation with the monsta army–when the matrix of babylon comes falling