we are virtual lovers fused by cyber-wired connections—we are mirrors of one another: we are psychotropic reflections…the pornographic revolution has reimagined the morphology of sexuality—connecting our senses to possibility and omnipresent carnal fantasy…

i breathe the vapors deeply and feel the pulse of the flow of time—i imagine that you nurse my cock just before you take me inside…the hair on your digitized legs creates geometric patterns and magical fractals—your rhythm as you penetrate exudes power and makes me want you as my master…

i look for recurring patterns of light and dark when i pleasure myself late at night—i transform pornographic images into spiritual visions pregnant with insight…i am addicted to porn and am craving the taste of dopamine—i am consumed by the quest to make new connections: to make you want me and make you scream…

hexagons recur in my psychic imaginings only rivaled by the seven-pointed star—i pray that these fractals are absorbed by my evolving mind and my always vulnerable heart…the erotic plane is  a primal part of what makes us divinely-powered living beings—we must explore the power of lust and passion and imagine radical new ways of seeing

lead image is a photograph of King Stephon >> @kingstephon_ on IG

second image is art by SLAVA MOGUTIN >> @slavamogutin on IG



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