praying for love and praying for peace—praising the sun and craving relief…we have miscreants in power—sowing seeds of social death…we must resist in this crucial hour—fighting with every sinew and every breath…its time to exorcise the demons of white supremacy…time to heal the historic wounds of genocide and slavery…the patriarchal order has given birth to toxic masculinity…as women rise to conquer—men must cry and learn to feel…trans folk are rising—demanding more than the right to fight and die…we must amplify their voices—building power to transform and defy…this is a hymn for the hymnless—a prayer for the nonbelievers…for nirvana to emerge we must rise so distant gods can see us…to exorcise our demons is to evolve the capacity to transform…we can see our power in the moon—in the stars—and in the storms…radical exorcism—psychospiritual revelation…healing feuds and deadly schisms—building a global karmic nation