sacrificial offerings placate the wife of shiva…sacred fires fuel the brilliance of our trans and femme divas…locked in wax and oil is the power to shed light…we need our fires stoked–we need rebels willing to fight…a nascient batallion of bypo freaks has evolved the rite of fire therapy…we meditate on the rhythms channeled by flames and fed by telepathy…in fire we see our past–the power of humanity’s ancient art…we see visions of our future–see wormholes to distant stars…the goddess of fire gives sanctuary to overstimulated minds…she lends credence to the resistance that karma has designed…we must worship her power–listening for the divinity within…we must build cybernetic towers–linking the genius of gramsci to the insight of baldwin…we are living in another country–so deeply polarized…its time to organize, to grind, to pray, and to rise…its time to torch the flags of white supremacy and unfettered corporate greed…we can craft the ourlines of a society that can meet all of our needs…the goddess of fire can help heal our wounds and build new faith in community…the revenge of history will be her hand in helping our movements to torch the bourgeoisie…quantum computers linked hypodermically to monks in meditation–arming an army of artists to re-envision our subterranean nation…goddess of fire–lords of light–bless our movement this summer night…give us the vision and the power to conquer satanic might