Tantra expands

Molded by your hands

We come to understand

Your luscious commands


Sublime levitation

Orgasmic creation

Erotic imagination

Generating liberation


Intensity cerebral

Branding medieval

Desire primeval

Fueling upheaval


Yearning for evolution

Tattoos of revolution

Crafting absolution

Conjuring restitution


Sacred fire explodes

Ferocious and bold

Branding our souls

Rewriting torsos


We feel an inflection

The pulse of connection

Karmic redirection

Cosmic insurrection


You grind and move

These tantric tattoos

Nothing to prove

Nothing to lose

Inspired by Flo >> @fkfbrln on IG >> @inkedbrln on twitter

Second model in the first photo is @viktorromoficial on IG



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