prohomo symphonics deify this adonis…queering tectonics amplify the erotic…undressed and styled fly–you seduce with your eyes…lascivious and sanctified–you bless me with your desire…rock hard arms and supple abs transfix my mind late at night–dark skin and coarse dreds conjure tribal african rites…born free and raised brave–we conquer bigotry’s minions…trans and queer arm-in-arm–we will uproot this sick system…a phoenix rises from the fire–the vessel of hope and pride…flying high and burning bright–conjuring black magic with its eyes…dance floor anthems offer a soundtrack to your erotic instincts…never frantic–faintly manic–we mind-meld–syncing the resistance

second image is by SLAVA MOGUTIN >> on IG @slavamogutin



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