in my body heartbeat throbbing–feeling myself or feeling somebody…transformational forces become embodied–i love the intensity of your cock deep inside me…erotic power suffuses our existence–it stokes the fires we build to transform this system…if we grasp the immense powers the erotic gives us we won’t settle for catastrophic misery enforced by capitalism…fractals are my wormholes into uncharted galaxies–they allow my mind to control the experience of pornography…if the small can mirror the whole then there is hope for our ministries–we can fractalize ourselves and transform our communities…i feel so authentic and empowered practicing ethical polyamory–the centrality of deeply rooted consent has been branded deep within me…sensual pleasures can cement political love and comradery–we are building a sex positive army to revolutionize our society


first image is a photo of gato >> @sateando on IG or twitter

second is a photo by CONRADO MULUC >> @conradomuluc on IG



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