I trust my heart and listen to your song

This hard house anthem throbs deep and strong

We aspire to shape a world where we will all belong

This is a leather anthem synced to staccato drums


Your harness amplifies epic sex presence

You conjure sacred magic from disparate elements

This is your spiritual core: your tantric essence

My desire manifests as a lurid flame incandescent


We conspire building power to survive apocalypse

There are angels and demons writhing in our midst

I feel the fire of your soul when I touch your lips

Our tantric magic remolds the terrain of politics


Rivers of erotic power course through your veins

We navigate the aperture between the psychotic and the sane

We amplify psychic energy hardwired within our brains

Rise from pain leather angels—rise from shame and from blame


This is a leather anthem fueling a hyperpop renaissance

We liberate our minds when we thrust, grind, and dance

This is a power we mold, amplify, and enhance

Our leather anthem fuels a fever of psychic romance

Leather: @armyofmenco >> model: @corey_bln >> photos: @rafandway1



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