our minds evolve at light speed—overstimulated by the digital detritus of our age…we are mired in ever more complicated webs of psychosocial distress–anxiety, depression, dysphoria and dissociation…simultaneously we are confronted by a toxic political miasma—patriarchal, transphobic, and misogynist white supremacy dressed in a cloak of post-apocalyptic patriotism…we resist with all the strength we have—but to sustain this titanic struggle we must summon hidden powers within our minds, bodies, and souls…we are millennial mystics meditating on the flames of rebellion—reviving our spirits through the blessings of kundalini and vickram…we worship all gods—but above all summon the power of the divine spark within every one of our hearts…this is a life and death struggle…our existence on this planet is in mortal danger…let the urban hieroglyphics of the street art revolution carve a path…let the angels among us bless our tribe with the power to resist and stay strong in heart and mind…our millennial mysticism draws inspiration from all faiths—and can light the road to a future free from class exploitation and the interlocking webs of systemic oppression that currently imprison our global tribe