my heart is the paramour of neurochemical excitement…my body is a slave to erotic enticement…love is ever-changing—my cypher and my angel…its fires burn deep inside—overpowering and contagious…once inspired my eyes are forever fixed—wide open and dilated…i hold a place in my soul for every lover i’ve ever lain with…the ensuing confusion is overwhelming and all pervading…i struggle with boundaries—often porous and ever changing…i’m in love with the struggle to transform our society…i’m inspired by the love that burns deep inside me…i fall so easily for faces and bodies that are elusive…i long for bonds that are simpler and less self-abusive…i live with a heart divided—polyamourously confused…i strive for clearer parameters—for karmic strength reborn and renewed

first image is of Ghrai Devore


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