my mind reverberates at hypomanic speed to the rhythms of the flickering flames–seven multicolored pillars of fire surround my sacred circle of evolving recovery arising untamed…this monument to the pyromanic is made of the vestiges of dozens of votives…i summon powers of magical incantation from a pantheon of sacred sources…wax flows forth like volcanic lava–ossifying into a sinuous labyrinth and drooling in anticipation of pleasure and inspiration…this is a divine sacrement opening gates blessed by angels to a global portal to transcendent solidarity and liberation…i see new visions every day as i deepen my roots into recovery–i see fractals emerging from street lights and i absorb the potency of sexual chemistry…the more i learn the less i am sure that i know–humility is growing deep within me as an antidote to the hubris of self-will and ego…in the grip of the disease of addiction i have lied and i have done harm–i must take responsibility for all i have done and i will live with deep remorse lodged inside and branded on my arms…i do my penance by changing: by trying to evolve into a willing, honest, and empathic servant of my higher power–it is time to give into the zeitgeist of universal love opening a tunnel to a transformed future that can be ours…as i walked to the store today, i saw the sun’s light refract through the leaves of a tree manifesting like an orb with spikes extended in every direction–as i moved it transformed into a majestic corona: a full spectrum circle surrounding a sinuous web of fibrous electrification…within these visions i seek the eye of staccato imagination–i try to see in four dimensions and to listen intently for the transmutation of time…i transcribe these visions in my own nascent cerebro etching visceral memories with harmony and vivid rhyme…this is alchemy and it is prophecy unfolding before our collective eye–it is artistry and it is heresy transcribing new worlds emerging from deep inside…i long for the grinding throb of the dance floor animated by an abundance of staccato lights–i long for an end to this viral systemic apocalypse that threatens our world with an eon of toxic blight…i believe in our power to change, like i believe in our power to see–if we take time to slow down and notice the sacred powers moving all around us, our human tribe may yet find new ways to be, build, and breathe  

The first image is King Stephon >> IG: @kingstephon >> the second is a new friend who is on IG as well: @tabrdavid


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