whose streets—our streets—so said the cops while suppressing speech…black lives on trial—neo-nazis on the rise—such a toxic miasma of moribund white pride…a US base on holy land—a criminal alliance—suppressing palestinian dreams—a magnet for arab defiance…our world grows smaller—and increasingly imperiled—climate change is threatening—our social system is sterile…its time to give voice to new battalions of rebels—time for insurgency…an army of trans-warriors paired with the global street art army…the stakes are too high to have patience for bellicose war games…in the belly of the beast, a new insurgency is coming unchained…karmic rebels and psychic twins—percolate and organize…seek cosmic power housed within—demonstrate against toxic lies…a karmic insurgency emergent—taking on a parasitic regime…our movement’s tasks are desperately urgent—pairing radical praxis with anarchist chic