when i meditate i often stare into mirrors—sometime i see other faces…karmic twins or psychic cyphers—other, but of me, and in a multitude of places…we seek our inner powers and pray for cosmic peace…while introspective i see many visions and get a taste of psychic relief…often the images i see are tribal—of evident african descent…thick full lips and broad nostrils confirming that my ancestry is heaven-sent…i believe that destiny rules—but also that we have a role in shaping our fates…this is a symphony that we conjure–an erotic dance that divinity creates…we seek friends and lovers on this sacred path…always in search of reflections of self—or of what we lack…i pray one day to meet my psychic twin—to share in this psycho-spiritual journey…it is a challenge to grasp the multiplicities that emerge without and converge within me…karmic power moves unseen—rippling through currents of air and light…i pray for our resistance to move mountains—and for revolutionary dreams to take flight