Last night flood gates opened

Bringing rays of violet light cascading in

The blood coursing through my heart

Was animated by sacred immaculately conceived plasmic energy

We have waited for this

Waited to maximize erotic and emotional intimacy

Waited to minimize the anxiety of anticipation

Waited for the intensity of orgasmic fire to be enmeshed in a matrix of compassion

And now after mind and spirit expanding physicality

I am met by poetic verse that is so immensely eloquent, passionate, and honest

Words so powerful that I am left in awe and speechless

You transport my spirit to distant galaxies

Transforming me with your potent and virile energy

Bringing new colors into being in the kaleidoscope we are crafting

Pregnant with the intoxicating power of emergent fractals

As we came closer and closer I tried to visualize our energy

Always I saw an orb of light—cosmic and celestial

And it was usually violet

A gorgeous powerful color pregnant with meaning

Signifying ardor or luxuriant comfort

Or a bold color to brand an electrical box with our marks

Ours is a violet love

Bursting into being pregnant with boundless possibilities

Its contours reverberating in my mind and recurring in my visions

I am suffused with faith that this passion is not transient

Ours is a connection destined to sink roots deep into the earth

And to endure like a sacred and magical violet oak

The second image is of Diego Barros >> @diegobarros



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