visions again—under the faint influence of internally created hallucinogens…a star migrating across the sky at an unnatural velocity—rivers of power flowing through my mind and body…a corona of light emerges to surround the flying star—leaving my brain wired and craving more…the sky maps our destiny—we are called to be space bound…a triumphant rebellion will be built both above and below ground…cosmic insight late at night—cosmic fires fueled inside…i inhale this euphoria and feel growing strength and nascent pride…our tribe has many prophets, many gods, and many seers—there are angels dwelling within and arising from far and near…the manic depressive spectrum is home to many a starlit mind—we hone our powers from within and fly free late at night…cosmic insight divinely inspired—envelops my mind–so karmically wired…neurons firing–never tired–enticing my mind and fueling desire

–BYPO PHOENIX c)2017  >> {the mural is by FAVIANNA RODRIGUEZ >> @favianna}