RITES OF FIRE: pyrotechnic meditation

we are slaves to technology—and to the class in control…we transcribe a new pedagogy—reclaiming the creative human soul…the ancient rites of fire deserve a postmodern rebirth…fire destroys but it also gives birth…i meditate to flames fueled by wax and harder drugs—i will my mind to find peace—to look inward and live with love…the flames are intoxicating—seductive in their danger…our tribe’s new religion is potent–evolving towards the sacred…i am a queer melisandre seeing destiny in the flames—visions of new work and new worlds…my mind meditates on the power of fire—among the fastest forces on this earth…neurotransmitters flood synapses seeking an immortal karmic birth…fire is the tool that first separated our ancient ancestors from other simians…we can recover its power and rid our earth of capitalism’s craven minions…i breathe in and breathe out—attuned to the synchronicity of the flames…they flicker to the rhythms of music—they open my eyes to the work of the sages…the toxic power of this system is plunging us towards an earthly hell…to resist we need all our tools—analytical, creative, and psychospiritual…fire is my goddess, my lover, my friend…i gaze into her seductive eyes seeking the strength to bring the system to an end…its time to crush every vestige of white power–time to elevate the subaltern and amplify the voices of the oppressed…the sacred magic of kundalini guides me in this hour…our struggle needs spaces for healing trauma and distress…its time to liberate sexual identity and expression…in the fires a see a shining path to justice and liberation…a cosmically powered psychic inception–a dialectical conflagration of evolution and revolution