I am fueled by this fire

Reflecting on lionsgate

Integrating astrological wisdom

Reimagining our collective fate


On the eighth I dreamt deeply

The earth and sun aligned with Sirius

The feelings were epic

Emotions manifesting the sacred


Divine wisdom pouring forth

Activating shamanic prophecy

Mutating through this cosmic matrix

Recreating divine destiny


I feel my power

I see with my third eye

Envisioning a torus of light

Reverberating with karmic insight


This is beyond the hypomanic

This is manic zen

A feel an inferno tantric

Orgasmic fire burning within


I cultivate mind muscle awareness

Amplifying the sentience of my body

Somatic pulsations rooted in emotion

Channeling psychokinetic alchemy


New moon in Leo

Herald of regal prophecy

A dragon goddess of energy

Conjuring their own shamanic galaxy


I see through this portal

This lionsgate vessel

I harvest the essential

Pulsating with instincts elemental

Images by @moiloh on IG, @moiloh_16 on twitter



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