magnetic and hypnotic—surreal and psychotropic…i indulge in my vices—both addictive and erotic…moments of meditation sustain my psychic peace…moments of revelation give my soul a taste of relief…love a lifetime ago comes back at light speed…my boundaries are porous and my thirst for pleasure is deep…the ebb and flow of attraction is on my mind tonight…the allure of the impossible fences with the appeal of carnal delight…we live moment to moment if we live life at its best…i will rearrange my priorities at your whim or your behest…late at night i have seen your face in the clouds refracting starlight…deep inside i feel the magnetism of a life with your eyes in sight…the ebb and flow of my being pulls me close to treacherous shores…i crave passion and imagination—i am always in search of more


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