I am an infinite line manifesting in finite space

I am a potent creative presence that cannot be erased

Every sinew of your torso reflects the contours of your face

These fractals are reactive—bringing my mind to this fearless place


The leather that armors your body is a seductive vessel of attraction

Your eyes absorb the room provoking a crimson karmic reaction

This is so much more than lust—so much more than a transaction

I open my heart to your fluorescent light of joy and satisfaction


We celebrate our bodies to amplify the power of our minds

There is a spark within your psyche yearning to ignite

These aquamarine waters are conduits for our pride

Tectonic plates reverberate to the rhythms deep inside


You are a fractal phenomenon—you are chaos in gestation

I channel the power of turbulence into the form of your next creation

We craft a zygote of the world we must build—a zygote of liberation

Rivers of ecstasy and sacred alchemy converge at this destination


The magic of the fractal is that its smallest part mirrors the whole

You can see fractals in the roots of trees as they deepen and grow

Our presence is electric—becoming supernatural, spiritual, and bold

Our erotic fractal essence conjures a radiant army clad in gold

Images are by @armyofmenco on IG >> photos: @rafandway >> model: @josemoralesoff on IG



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