he is beauty incarnate commanding the court so effortlessly—rafa is pure brilliance shining his light cosmically…body beautiful and finely crafted riding wings made of steel—hitting winners and landing volleys with superhuman speed…the mercurial kyrgios is a prince of cognitive dissonance—exuding the power to transcend and animating our minds with intravenous resonance…challenging authority and taking the knee in a display of divine deference—ruling the streets and owning the night with celestial power and confidence…grigor plays his part patrolling the court with pure dexterity—forehands and backhands executed with masterful authority…climbing the ranks and claiming a place with a genius born of necessity—proclaiming his beauty and his power from the temples of antiquity…these jugadores of the court are my imagination’s pastime—los toreadores al corazon immortalized in song and in rhyme…they make the impossible look effortless landing balls inside the lines—sculpted of genius and burning bright they mesmerize my mind