FOREVER TONIGHT: an anthem of liberation

electrified by the moon and intoxicated by the stars—i seek fellow travelers in electric clubs and hipster bars…i want forever tonight—i want it deep in my soul—i will accrue passing years but i will never grow old…the future of our tribe  lies with the nascent generations arising—we fight for liberation in this moment—we build a karmic uprising…we must link all of our struggles and conspire with flair—we must build temples of ossified lava like the jedi built their lairs…we claim a future in distant galaxies—opened to our travel by wormholes…we celebrate romantic symphonies—our insurgency grows deeper and more bold…transwomen of color bear the brunt of systemic harm—we must defend all of our sisters from patriarchy’s toxic arm…we marched for racial justice—decrying white supremacy…we must defend all of our immigrants—defend all of our migrants right to be…our struggle is cosmic—it is spiritual and all encompassing—we must unite a potent force to rebel and riot–to dance and sing…we will light sacred bonfires on the graves of nefarious sycophants—we will imprison the shock doctrine profiteers and amplify our demands…i want forever tonight—but i want forever with liberation…humankind has suffered too long under systems of exploitation…we recruit to our movements—i recruit to my tribe…monster queer and manic depressive—i plot by day and tag all night…evenings extended exponentially by lines of coke or tabs of speed—are the breeding ground for the illumination of our species’ mysteries…i want forever tonight—it feels good it feels right…amplify your liberation—seek karmic insight