its hard to be humble when the energy and adrenaline of an action are racing through my veins–hard when my brain’s potent dopamine clinic is flying high on overdrive…its hard to be humble when visions of fractals or sacred geometry meet my eyes–leaving me feeling particularly empowered to participate in crafting a transformed future…it is hard to be humble when i am transfixed by celestial circles: presenting as portals to a wormhole of karmic justice…but it is in precisely these moments that the spiritual principle of humility is most important…i must remember that we are all zygotes of life and energy, making choices either in alignment with, or in resistance to, our higher powers…i must make a commitment to deepen my roots into the practice of humility and gratitude…i must avoid the scenarios and people that trigger my arrogance and over-confidence–i seek to work on my character defects as i expand my relationship with sacred power through the process of recovery…in proper balance, humility is a force with the seismic power to remold our world…in this moment, i commit myself to being a vessel for humility and an agent of her karmic proliferation

the first image is a photo by Conrado Castro Muluc >> on IG @conradomuluc


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